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What is Divorce?
Divorce by definition is the final temination of a marital union, legally refered to as "dissolution of marriage".

So what does this mean exactly?
When two people have entered into an legal binding marriage and no longer wish to live together as husband and wife, they file for divorce. After divorce, it becomes legal for both parties to remarry. Divorce cancels the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage and dissolves the bonds of matrimony.

What is Separation?
Separation occurs when a couple who is married decides that they want to try living apart. Separation is often, but not always, a precursor to divorce. As with divorce, separation can also have different meanings in different states. Some states recognize the concept of a legal separation, and such a formal arrangement can expedite the process of divorce.

When to Divorce
Do you find yourself consumed with worry over the problems in your marriage even though you have done all you can to try and solve those problems? When the problems in your marriage consume most of your energy, you are wasting energy and should move on. You will know in your heart that it is time to take your life in a new direction.

How to DivorceTake advantage of our free forms or buy a professional form today!
Laws on how to divorce vary between states and countries. Most will require the sanction of a court or other legal authority.

As divorce is becoming more common in society, so are the options available to terminate a marriage. Legal forms and documents available to self act in the legal proceedings of a divorce are becoming more popular everyday. How to Divorce offers a number of free legal separation and divorce forms available for download and printing instantly. Alternatively we have provided a selection of forms to buy.

If the safety and satisfaction of a divorce lawyer is for you, then try our divorce lawyers by state.

About Divorce
In the United States, the federal government has no role in the dissolution of marriage, rather each state has it's own laws. For more specific information on the laws in your state, please see divorce laws by state.

There are generally six different types of divorce including no fault divorce, at-fault divorce, summary divorce, uncontested divorce, collaborative divorce and mediated divorce. For more information on the types of divorce, please see types of divorce.

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