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Types of Divorce

By Bizymoms

1. Fault Vs No fault divorce
The no - fault divorce is a fairly new concept, and something which is said to be responsible for the increasing number of divorces. In this type of divorce, there doesn't have to be a reason or a fault by any party for the divorce to take place. This divorce comes about because of incompatibility, differences and breakdown of the marriage. The at- fault divorce takes place when the partners separate from each other because of certain differences. Usually one party is at fault.

2. Contested Vs Uncontested divorce
Uncontested divorces come about when both partners in the marriage come to a mutual agreement with regard to the division of property, finance, custody of children and other such possibly controversial issues. A contested divorce is the opposite of an uncontested divorce, in that they don't come to an agreement on all issues and need the help of the judge.

3. Simplified divorce (aka summary divorce)
This is an uncontested, no - fault divorce where there isn't a conflict between the spouses regarding the dividing of marital assets. These types of divorces are carried out when the couple doesn't have children, and the marriage is short. This type of divorce tends to be less expensive and much less stressful.

4. Default divorce
A default divorce is like most other divorces but the way it's carried out is very different. This one generally involves much more paper work and can take a very long time to wind up.

5. Missing spouse divorce
This type of divorce involves a process whereby the partner seeking the divorce has no idea as to where the spouse is currently located. If you are unaware of the whereabouts of your partner, you have an option of filing for divorce. You can file this type of divorce even when your spouse is taking residence in some other state.

6. Limited divorce
Limited divorce is very much like legal separation. A limited divorce is used by couples who want to end their marriage but really don't have any good enough reason to get an absolute divorce. Couples who'd like to settle all their finances and other such issues before getting separated can go for this type of divorce.

7. Absolute divorce
This is ending the marriage legally and it ends all sorts of legal bonds that they may have because they are a couple. The causes needed to file for this type of divorce varies from state to state.

8. Collaborative divorce
A collaborative divorce tries to get the couples filing for a divorce to part ways in a more respectful manner. In this type of divorce, you could enlist the help of finance specialists and divorce counselors.

Article Summary- If you want a brief description of the different types of divorces, this article can help. It explains how one type of divorce is different to the other in simple non-technical terms.

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